Backup & Recvovery

Ensuring you have safe, reliable backups to protect your data

Nobody wants to think about worst case scenario but when it comes to your data we need to protect it. Backups are vitally important to a strong business IT setup, we work across different platforms and systems to make sure whatever the scenario we have you covered. We tailor backup systems to the data your storing and the importance, also taking into account recovery time. We can provide a system where if your business had a total loss of all your premises, IT hardware, backup drives, we can have you running in no time.

We partner with Backup Assist to provide high speed, versatile and easily restorable internal backup solutions. We test these backups regularly in a disaster recovery scenario to ensure in the event of us needing to use your backups we can get you running in a timely manor.

We also have a range of cloud backup providers including our own tailored cloud backup and Synology C2 partnerships to keep both your endpoint PC’s and central NAS storage backed up in GDPR compliant data centres. The ideal backup solutions have multiple onsite copies across different media dating back at least 30 days with archives taken every 6 months, along side live server replication to a different site and hourly cloud backups.

Backup Hard Drive

  • Quick and easy to restore
  • Readily available
  • Easy setup
  • Fragile
  • Easily lost/stolen

Offsite Replication

  • Covers primary server hardware failure
  • Minimal downtime in the event of an issue
  • Increased maintenance
  • Higher costs

Cloud Backup

  • Covers total building loss
  • Nearly untouchable secure storage
  • Ongoing storage costs
  • Slower restores